Cometh the autumn… cometh the buyers

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As Queensland escapes the grips of its second-warmest summer on record, temperatures are finally starting to show signs of easing, which could mean real estate sales activity is set to soar. With Christmas well and truly behind us (along with the associated overspending) and the climate becoming more hospitable, buyers are once again coming out in force for autumn, according to Switch Realty Sales Consultant Diann Platt.

“I’ve noticed a difference within a fortnight already, with the amount of viewings I’ve got booked in now to what I had only a few weeks ago,” she tells, with the anticipation of more to come. In Ipswich at least, the end of summer routinely coincides with increased selling activity for Platt, whose best months are March through May and later in the year from September to November. Essentially autumn and spring.

“In December and January, it’s difficult for people with children and over winter I’ve found people get a bit of the winter blues; they’re less likely in the mood to make the move,” continues Platt. “As a result, we find February is when interest starts to pick up while in March it really starts to take off again.”

Further north, where the climate is more tropical and doesn’t experience a wide range in temperature between seasons, the end of February still sees an increase in selling activity – just not for the same reason. Stephen Wiltshire from Mission Beach Real Estate says it’s less to do with how warm or cool it is, but rather with weather events.

“We normally have a wet season which starts around December and goes until sometime in March to April,” he explains. “That, generally, is a very low period for us which is governed by weather conditions more than any market conditions, because we’re a beach-side destination.”

So, while March won’t see north Queensland getting much cooler, the fact people can get out and about without being soaked by torrential rain is a big plus in the real estate sector. The increased buyer turnout is so dramatic, in fact, that OpenAgent’s data suggests selling during autumn, citing fewer properties on the market and a stronger demand from buyers.

Source: OpenAgent


Spring is often thought of as the perfect time to sell property due to excellent weather conditions and the ease of making gardens and yards look exceptional. However, OpenAgent’s data shows that spring sees an oversupply of listings and a relative undersupply of buyers (though there are still more gross sales in spring than in any other season).

Conversely, autumn is the only season where the number of sales actually exceeds the number of listings, representing a unique opportunity for sellers. So for agents, now is the time to gear up for an influx of sales after an expectedly quiet Christmas and capitalise on the bumper boost in buyers currently out and about in the market.