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You have a vision. You want to take your company to the next level. You want to attract the top established agents. You’ve got goodwill, authenticity, leverage and knowledge. But the smooth talkers with the sexy brands are knocking you out of the park when it comes to attracting the best talent.

If this is happening to you, it’s time for change.

To make your company attractive to top performers, take the following action:

1. Put a plan in place that enables current and future staff to reach their full potential

Know where great staff want to go with their careers and invest in a robust professional development program to get them there. Now more than ever, a commitment to ongoing professional development is the only way people will earn more money in this industry. It’s not about the percentages anymore; it’s about their level of expertise.

2. Have a watertight sales process

Identify all the tasks in your sales process. Create uniform processes and procedures, from appraisals to listed to sold and train all staff in your system. Hire a sales manager to mentor, inspire and guide your sales team, ensuring they stick to the proven systems you have in place. Create a branded resource library for prospecting material, including the right letters and emails to send. Show prospective staff all the amazing resources they will have access to once they join your team.

3. Showcase your point of difference

Design, perfect and produce a sales simulation video so you can sell your superior process. This will allow you to say to a prospective new recruit: “Take a look at this sales simulation video, as it demonstrates the system we use here to prospect for future business in real estate. This is what you will be learning as part of your onboarding process if you join us. If you’re looking at joining any other company right now, I suggest you ask them to show you their sales simulation”. It won’t exist. This is the most powerful converter of all.

4. Change public and wider perception

Raise your company profile. You must actively and strategically promote your business in order to be known beyond your area. Produce a culture-focused video. Upload it onto your website and post it on Linked In and Facebook. Sponsor your post to optimise reach. Sell your message that you have the resources and the programs to help good salespeople become exceptional.

5. Become known as a leader worth following

Explain the transition your company made on industry podcasts, like Hot Topics.  Make contact with other industry leaders to fast track your own understanding and knowledge. Collaborate. Tell everyone what you’re doing and the great agents will sit up and take notice. They will say, “Look at what that leader is doing. We don’t have that around here”. And this is how you will start to create some noise, generate excitement and get some traction.


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