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  • 22 Nov 2021
  • 2 min read
  • By Shaun O'Dowd

Why Realworks GTA annexures are a PM's best friend

GTA, Form 18a, Contracts, General Tenancy Agreement, Realworks

Realworks is a property manager's best friend with annexures available for the GTA Form 18a encompassing a suite of REIQ-endorsed special conditions for residential tenancy leases.

PMs can choose from a comprehensive list of compliant and up-to-date annexures that further clarify the terms of the tenancy.

This is in addition to the REIQ special terms already attached to the Realworks version of the GTA.

These annexures assist with an individual agency's processes when sending the form electronically to tenants, such as being able to include the RTA bond lodgement form with the GTA.

To access these annexures, create your GTA form and then click on the 'more' button in the top toolbar and then click on 'annexures'. Tick the ones you want to include and then click 'update'.

The annexures will be automatically added to the end of the GTA. You can also remove them by following the same process.

Available annexures include:

  • RTA bond lodgement form;
  • Additional tenants;
  • Responsibility of tenant to maintain pool;
  • Pool safety requirements;
  • Smoking not allowed on premises;
  • Pets not permitted inside dwelling;
  • Shared costs of maintaining pool;
  • Rent increase during a fixed term agreement; and
  • Pocket guide for tenants.
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