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  • 20 Sep 2022
  • 3 min read
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What you need in a digital offer management platform

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With many digital offer management platforms available, understanding the benefits and differences between them is important.

What do you need in a digital offer management platform? As a busy real estate agent keen to save time and access greater efficiency, utilising one that offers digital offer management and communication in one easy-to-use platform is a definite bonus.

But with hard-working agents driven by a desire to achieve the best possible results for their clients, using a platform that is genuinely effective – and one that helps ensure you will never miss an incoming offer again – also adds measurable value to the way you can do better business.

Offer to Own digital offer management platform

Free digital offer management platforms add value – and save money

Affordability is another factor in the daily management of any sustainable business. So, for agents keen to maximise their time and minimise their expenses, finding the combination of digital offer management and agent-buyer communication in one platform that is free to use, ticks another box.

Compliance is key in the working life of an agent

Busy agents have so many components to manage, and compliance is an enormous part of that professional business management. So, it’s smart to look for a platform that not only helps simplify the sale-to-settlement process for everyone involved, but one that also helps you comply with the best practice guidelines outlined by the REIQ.

Digital solutions mean streamlined efficiency

Staying in control of the sale should be at the forefront of every agent’s priorities. Utilising a free digital offer management and communication platform delivers quick and easy solutions that matter and replaces the time-consuming and often confusing manual processes that add unwanted stress and extra effort to your workload.

Offer to Own is a free digital offer management platform that works

So how does Offer to Own support REIQ’s best practices, and help you achieve better results? Offer to Own helps to make offer management a seamless and straightforward process as it sends Expressions of Interests straight to interested buyers’ devices.

Every attendee at an open home or interested party is sent an SMS link within five minutes of their details being entered into your CRM. This allows potential buyers to quickly contact the listing agent (one-touch communication) or put their hat in the ring and allows you to receive written offers and notify buyers of multi-offer situations.

Choose an effective digital offer management platform to suit your needs

To create more time in your working week, choosing a digital offer management platform means less paperwork and more streamlined efficiency. It is even more effective when the platform lets you manage real-time communications from your mobile device even when you’re on the move.

Choosing a digital offer management and communication platform that works for you is a personal decision but, by thinking about the benefits that matter most to you, you can explore your options and make an informed choice.

If you would like to learn more about Offer to Own and how it can add greater efficiency to your professional life, book a demo here.

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