6 Ways the REIQ Helps PMs Excel

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It’s no secret that a career in property management presents its own set of unique challenges. No two days are the same, and as any good property manager knows, you have to juggle a myriad of tasks while keeping your finger on the pulse of any legislation updates or government decisions that could affect how you conduct your day-to-day business.

The various roles you play as a property manager – the negotiator, tour guide, maintenance support person, customer service consultant and many, many more means it’s integral to have a solid support system to help you navigate through the difficult parts of your job.

That’s why the REIQ offers a variety of vital services to property management members – to allow them to be the best property manager they can be for their clients, tenants and agencies.

So, what does the REIQ do to help property managers become the best versions of themselves?



The REIQ is the State’s peak professional association for real estate practitioners. With an exceptional reputation as the leading authority on real estate and property-related issues across Queensland, the REIQ advocates and lobbies on behalf of its members and the real estate profession as a whole.

The REIQ’s latest industry campaign, Everyone Matters in Real Estate, is a prime example of the REIQ’s power in the advocacy space. The campaign, which targeted the Queensland Government and its proposed Special COVID-19 Protections for residential tenants and owners may well have been the shortest grassroots campaign in the history of the Peak Body’s 102 years. The measures in their initial form would’ve had disastrous impacts for owners, tenants and property managers. To combat this, REIQ CEO Antonia Mercorella kick-started the campaign with an impassioned call to arms, and it was only three days later that the Palaszczuk Government conceded.

It’s not the first (nor will it be the last) time the REIQ has advocated for or lobbied against something that directly impacts the property management profession. Without the support of our property management members, it would be near impossible to achieve some of the positive outcomes we’ve had in the advocacy space.


The Property Management Support Service (PMSS)

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been working in property management for five months or 25 years – property managers are confronted with a variety of complex issues on a daily basis that can make it difficult for them to stay abreast of the rules and regulations they must abide by.

The REIQ’s PMSS allows members working in the property management sphere to ask industry professionals the tough questions that their colleagues may not have the answer for. With unlimited email and phone support, coupled with access to fortnightly articles sent straight to your inbox, property managers with an REIQ membership have access to best practice methods that non-members do not.

The importance of the PMSS to property managers was especially highlighted during the COVID-19 health crisis. In April, at the height of the pandemic, calls to the PMSS increased by 34%. The expertise of our PMSS team members not only helped those calling or emailing the service, but assisted the broader membership by assisting in the development of toolkits, resources and virtual events.


One Touch Execution (OTE)

The implementation of OTE has been a game changer for property managers and tenants alike. The REIQ, in partnership with Hutly, created a smarter, faster and easier way to complete, issue, track and digitally sign your Form 18a in minutes, not days. The REIQ consulted with practicing property managers during the creation process, to develop a simplified rental process that’s less stressful for everyone involved.

Using feedback from REIQ members and Realworks subscribers, the REIQ has released several updates since launching in early 2020 to tailor the platform to the needs of property managers. In a few short weeks, more exciting updates to the General Tenancy Agreement (Form 18a) in Realworks will be available, in particular to the One Touch Execution feature. You can watch the re-cap of this week’s OTE webinar which highlights the new features, including a new paper look format, real time tracking, agreement cancellations and more!


The REIQ’s Property Management Chapter

The property management chapter works closely with the REIQ’s management team to ensure the sector’s issues are heard and pursued. Not only does the property management chapter make recommendations about practice issues, but make recommendations on appropriate topics and speakers of interest for REIQ events that will directly benefit those working in the property management sphere. The chapter has helped enact several positive changes for property managers in Queensland of late – including the implementation of digital signatures.


CPD and Resources

REIQ members have access to a plethora of webinars and resources, including special events to explain new legislation which helps property managers maintain their edge over the competition. This service has been particularly crucial throughout COVID-19, as it’s kept property managers informed of changes such as Special COVID-19 Measures or the Commercial Leasing Code. REIQ members have access to these resources at any time by visiting the Members’ Resources portal here.


Access to Real Estate Data and News

REIQ members have access to the latest analysis, news, data and reports with REIQ’s regular emails such as the REIQ Journal, the Queensland Market Monitor (QMM) and Property Management Update. These resources are not only vital in keeping you informed of any industry news that directly impacts property managers, tenants or owners, but allows you to benchmark your success against other agencies. For example, the REIQ’s Vacancy Rate and QMM reports allow you to compare your own vacancy rate against your region’s average.

The essential nature of everything property managers do certainly hasn’t gone unrecognised here at the REIQ as well as across the wider Queensland real estate profession. While of course it’s the individual efforts of a property manager that assists them to excel, utilising the resources included in their membership with the REIQ is bound to help tremendously – both on a personal and professional level.


Are you reading this and aren’t currently an REIQ member? Individual membership provides access to not only the aforementioned services, but also a wide range of discounted training courses, products and exclusive access to members-only resources. Help us help you to be the best property manager you can be by becoming an REIQ member today.

The REIQ is celebrating National Property Managers Day! Held on the 24th of July, the day was designed to recognise the efforts of property managers during COVID-19. See how we’re celebrating the achievements of Queensland’s property managers by following us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn, or by subscribing to the PM Update