Friday 15 March - Property Management focus



08:45am - Kamal Sarma, "Win-win" conversations

Become agile in your thinking. Communicate in new ways to transform results and relationships.
From monk to venture capitalist and keynote speaker Kamal Sarma has transformed leaders and teams globally. Over the last 20 years he has delivered significant results for people and companies with his customised framework and teachings. As the world accelerates we need to amplify the right mindset and skills. Kamal Sarma specialises in helping teams solve current challenges then shift them into a new level of performance.
Learn how he can help transform your real estate business! 

09:30am - Jordana Borensztajn, Social media strategist "Unreal estate"

Capture attention and distinguish your brand online!
Jordana is a social media strategist, presentation skills coach, author and humourist who inspires, educates and entertains audiences with action-packed and high-energy presentations and workshops. She'll show you how to develop your own creative social media marketing strategies. 


01:35pm - Nerida Conisbee, REA Group 

2019 State of Play 
South East Queensland is up against it. Investors have backed off, access to finance is difficult and uncertainty around negative gearing is slowing the market. Nevertheless, Brisbane prices remain flat and much of the rest of the region is seeing price increases. What is driving the market? And what is 2019 looking like? IN this sessin, Nerida will take a look at where we are expecting to see the best conditions in 2019 and what will be driving this. 

02:10pm - Martin Grunstein, Outstanding Customer Service

A customer service expert, Martin is renowned for being entertaining as well as delivering insights and strategies that can be implemented the next day. One of the most requested speakers for REIQ Summit, we're delighted to finally welcome Martin to our stage! 

03:30pm - Jet Xavier - Wellness and wellbeing in the real estate industry

How to survive real estate, the way forward.
In this session Jet Xavier explains the current state of wellness and wellbeing in the real estate industry and how you can become less stressed, overwhelmed, tense, anxious and burnt out so you can create the career you want.


04:00pm - Joel de Carteret

Joel's remarkable life story begins as a five year old found alone in a market in Manila. His journey 31 years later to find his birth parents will both move and inspire you.  

Breakout sessions include: 

11:00am - QCAT essentials: Back by popular demand! 

In this session, Connie McKee & Andrew Persijn from Carter Newell Lawyers will answer some of the most frequently asked questions relating to QCAT and property management generally.  This not-to-be-missed update will cover topics such as domestic violence related terminations, tenancy agreement breaches and consequential lessor compensation claims, section 299 repeated breaches, counter applications, ,electronic signatures, water usage and solar power charges plus more! 

11:00am - Lee Woodward - Prospecting that connects & delivers tomorrow’s income: 

The number one issue holding real estate agents back is a failure to strategically and actively find future business. The world has changed. Traditional prospecting models that relied on talking to strangers are no longer working. Agents still stuck in their old ways are spending a fortune chasing strangers and seeing little reward for their efforts. Prospecting for future business relies on a careful balance between modern methods to suit today’s digital world and authentic personal interaction. Lee’s fresh modern take on prospecting will show you how easy it is to get this vital part of your business humming so you never have to stress about tomorrow’s income again.

11:00am - Craig Cherry - Customer Loyalty, How do you get it and how do you keep it?

Can you factually demonstrate what your customers are saying about you using statistically valid proven methodology? If you can't then you are missing an essential ingredient to your revenue growth. The single best way to improve revenue is having your current and previous customers come back and recommend others to you. The conversations they are having about you are either growing or limiting your revenue. 

11:50am - Kylie Davis - The cost of not innovating in property management

Why do we need to worry about technology in property management? Shouldn't we just focus on hitting our targets and revenue per client? Kylie Davis looks at the data that shows how much ignoring innovation is costing property management and how technology can dramatically improve customer experiences - and business growth.

11:50am - Connie McKee & Sean Roberts - Disputes, breaches and getting the Form 18a right

Minimise disputes in tenancy situations by understanding and setting up the  Form 18a General Tenancy Agreement correctly.  Learn the difference between standard terms and lawful special terms and the critical elements associated with water usage, solar power, rent payment methods and how notices are issued  In this practical session Sean Roberts, REIQ Legal Counsel and Connie McKee, REIQ Trainer and member of the PMSS support service team will discuss what's law, what's lawful and what's best practice in handling breaches of the agreement, disputes and the key areas they have seen property managers get the Form 18a wrong and how to avoid these mistakes. 

11:50am - Dean Yeo, Real Estate Dynamics - How to thrive in 2019

Get the tools you need to THRIVE in this changing market and help maximise the reward for time spent in your business. Learn how to improve your profit, uncover additional income and make simple changes to be more efficient. Plus, develop strategies to improve the value of yours and maximize your sale.