What to do if you have a Complaint?

As a profession leader and representative, the REIQ has a valued reputation for encouraging the highest ethical standards among its members.

The REIQ Standards of Business Practice were developed with the objective of increasing the accountability of members in carrying on the business of a real estate agent or auctioneer in Queensland.

The objective is to be achieved by:

  • Setting standards for REIQ Members in dealing with each other and with the public that surpass statutory requirements;
  • Establishing principles for fair trading by REIQ Members in real estate and auctioneering practice; and
  • providing for a system for resolving complaints against REIQ Members about real estate agency and auctioneering practice.

Members of the REIQ are required to abide by the Standards of Business Practice which can be downloaded Click here .

The REIQ does not investigate complaints but rather it encourages parties to attempt to resolve the matter before a complaint is lodged and involves both parties through the process after a complaint is lodged, be it mediation or a REIQ Tribunal hearing.

The REIQ procedures for complaints handling can be downloaded Click here . Please ensure the procedures and guidelines set out in the document are followed. If you are eligible to lodge a complaint please download and complete the relevant Notice of Complaint document:

Form 1 A – Notice of Complaint by Member of the Public against an Eligible Person
Form 1B – Notice of Complaint by an Eligible Person against an Eligible Person (REIQ member to member complaint)

The REIQ can only deal with complaints concerning an alleged breach of the Standards of Business Practice by an REIQ member who holds a particular category of membership. It does not have the power to award compensation or damages. The orders that the REIQ Tribunal can make are limited to those set out in By Law 55 and 56 of the By Laws of the REIQ which can be downloaded Click here .