8 Steps to Buying Property

4. Clarify Inclusions

Make sure you know what comes with the Property

A buyer should always ask the agent to clarify any inclusions or exclusions that may be part of the contract of sale. Unfortunately, a buyer sometimes moves into their new property only to find features that originally ‘sold’ them the property are now gone.

In general terms, fixtures are defined as anything on the property that is ‘screwed in’, ‘glued in’, ‘nailed in’, ‘bolted in’, or ‘plumbed in’ to the structures of the property.

Are the Fixtures Included?

Typical fixtures include:

  • Stoves
  • Hot water systems
  • Fixed carpets
  • Clothes lines
  • Television antennae 
  • In-ground plants and trees
  • Ceiling fans
  • Mail boxes
  • Built in air-conditioning or heating systems


Clarify the Inclusion of Chattels

Freestanding movable items are called chattels and they can be included, however they must be noted in the contract of sale. Pool and spa equipment, potted plants and washing machines are good examples of chattels and should be disclosed separately on the contract of sale.

Items such as gas bottles, sprinkler systems, dishwashers and light fittings often cause debate and are grouped in a grey zone that should always be clarified before entering into negotiations.


Step five: Deciding on Your Offer