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For many, buying a house is simply too expensive or undesirable. Increasingly, people are searching for another option instead of getting a large mortgage to pay off a home. Of course, this is also dependant on individual situations. Most people moving out of home for the first time may try the house rentals market before they are financially equipped to own their own home. Moreover, people moving to a particular location for business or study may also be looking at houses for rent.  

In 2010, 28% of Australians were renting from a private lessor or state housing authority (ABS, 2012)


  • Good for short term plans
  • Can be cheaper than buying
  • Convenient for those who intend on travelling
  • Easier to move - suits the lifestyle of those who prefer change
  • Not locked into a long mortgage contract
  • Perfect for students looking to move out of home
  • Ideal for families waiting to purchase or build their ideal house
  • House issues? You don’t have to deal with it, your lessor does!

For those not wanting to own, finding the right houses for rent can be a long, difficult process. Especially if you are looking for something a little uncommon, like Brisbane granny flats. Thankfully, for those searching in Queensland, REIQ can assist in the process of locating these perfect houses for rent. Try the property search tool below to narrow down on the right house rentals that will suit your needs. 

There are many different factors that come into play when you embark on a search for homes to rent in the Queensland region. In essence, it can actually be quite easy to overlook a detail or two when considering renting options. These details may seem relatively minor at first, but that can certainly change over time. 


Here are some questions that every person looking at a house for rent should ask themselves:

  • Who is going to be living with me?
  • How are all tenants going to split the rent payments?
  • Do I need to be closer to the city?
  • Is the house situated close to public transport?
  • What is the surrounding neighbourhood like? Does the demographic suit my lifestyle?
  • Are there any problems with the condition of the house that may pose as future problems?
  • Can I compromise location for a cheaper price?
  • Do I need more space/land?
  • What is the parking situation like? Will it cater for all tenants?
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