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Granny Flats Brisbane

Granny Flats Brisbane REIQIt can be difficult to find granny flats Brisbane in rental properties. However for some people seeking rental properties in Brisbane, a granny flat is a necessity. Granny flats Brisbane are beneficial for a wide range of reasons. The main house can finally be a place of peace and quiet if the granny flat is used for a teenage retreat (or even a games room). Grandparents or parents can be kept close by while still maintaining their independence and avoiding the costly and sometimes unpleasant experience of assisted living or a nursing home.




At any given time, there can be houses including the elusive granny flats Brisbane on the market to suit all budgets. With over 1000 real estate agencies across Queensland listing property on the REIQ website, you’re likely to find something that closely fits what is required.
Once you have your shortlist of granny flats in Brisbane, REIQ can put you directly in touch with the agent or agency managing the property, so you can learn more about the property and surrounding area. 
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