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Agency Management and Administration

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PROFESSIONAL CORPORATE SUPPORT: Agency Administrator Feature Day

BRISBANE, 18 MAY | 9am - 4pm

This feature day is designed for administration professionals. Efficient and well trained administrators are the backbone of any successful agency. Keep up-to-date with best practice and compliance issues, and learn how to implement and improve office processes and procedures.

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BRISBANE, 15 JUNE | 9am - 4pm

Designed for business owners and agency managers, the Agency Growth and Profitability day will feature sessions on: Business planning to maximise profitability, strategies to grow the business, measuring success through KPIs, recruitment and retention strategies, coaching for performance, leading for success, expanding your perspective and key legislative issues.

Real estate office for profit

Brisbane, 14 March | 10am - 3pm

This session is focused on running an agency and making a profit, examining the structures in place and other structures available. This session will cover;
- how to increase income and decrease expenditure
- attracting the right people, training them and retaining them
- technology: what works and what doesn't
and much more!

This is a hard hitting session by Malcom Riley who has helped agencies Australia-wide reach their business goals. 

Trust accounting for agency principals and office managers

Brisbane, 6 March | 9am - 12.30pm

Use basic accounting skills coupled with knowledge of your real estate business to accurately manage the trust account records and eliminate the risk of trust account misappropriation and errors.


Starting an agency

Brisbane, 5 June | 9am - 4pm

This course will provide the foundations for a successful business. The session focuses on practical considerations of operating a new office including location (or working from a home office), agency structure, roles and responsibilities, and corporate support. It also highlights legal considerations, operating a trust account, risk management strategies, practical processes (software, signage, website, communications and marketing) and business planning, market demographics and KPIs.


Agency Ownership and Administration Online Library

Topics include:

• Recordings are available from these two events held in mid 2017:
• Professional Corporate Support Day
• Agency Growth and Profitability Day