Why Sales Agents Should Nominate for the REIQ Awards

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Two-time Residential Salesperson of the Year, Brett Andreasen, is very familiar with the ups and downs of awards.

As a finalist of the REIQ Awards for Excellence since 2012, Andreassen has been unsuccessful more times than not but is still adamant about the benefits of nominating.  

From what winning an award with the REIQ is really like to his best advice for nominees, we caught up with Andreassen to gain some exclusive insights from a multi-award winner.  

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Winning Isn’t Everything

You may have heard this saying before but it’s very true when it comes to the REIQ Awards for Excellence.  

Q (RS): Other than winning, what can you gain from these awards? 

A (BA): Sometimes you might not realize how much you’ve done for people until you start writing it down. You might feel a bit arrogant and fake at the start but when you start to reflect, you’ll start to realise how much you’ve helped people.  

I go through my diary to see what property I sold, and I look for the stories because it’s about the people and that’s something that we as real estate agents sometimes forget. I love looking back through my diary and seeing some really awesome names and results that I have been able to get for my clients.  

Q: Why should people nominate? 

A: It’s definitely worth it to at least nominate and you may not win and even making the finals is absolutely amazing. And even if you don’t make the finals, you can still get a review of yourself and see what that’s like. I’ve used it many times as a review and to make the finals and to win it has been a very happy byproduct. 

Winning is just the by-product of doing your job right. What I like to reflect on is the people with who I’ve been able to work. Whether they buy or sell, helping people in difficult situations find a pathway forward is why I do it. 

Q: Why do you nominate?  

A: I’ve always entered it as more of a reflection on what my previous year has been like and to win it was pretty cool. One of the big benefits was for myself and my own thought patterns. It was cool to say, “you’ve done bloody well”.  

The good thing about the REIQ awards is that it’s not about the highest sale price or the greatest number of sales, it’s about the overall achievement due to multiple different factors.  

Also, as someone who isn’t part of a large franchise group, you don’t get the same awards as them, so to be recognised among my peers across all of Queensland is pretty good. 

Grow Your Network and Your Business

Ultimately, the reason for nominating for an award is to be recognised and the good news is that becoming a finalist and winning with the REIQ can have a very positive impact on your career.  

Q: What benefits are there in becoming a finalist? 

A: Making the finals is an achievement in itself and everyone should be happy to be there.  got a lot of traction just from becoming a finalist with the REIQ.

It’s a big achievement and that’s something I didn’t really recognise at the start but over time I have been able to understand what that means. To be standing there beside such good agents makes you think ‘hang on a second, I’ve done alright’. 

Q: What benefits can come from winning? 

A: It’s always difficult to get it across to someone that you’ve won this pretty big award without sounding too arrogant or up yourself.  

It can help with branding and things like that but when you send proposals or do a listing presentation, people respect it quite a bit when they say “wow, you’ve won it twice”. It shows consistency in my career and people have responded to it quite positively. 

It’s also different amongst other agents as well. I get phone calls from agents across Queensland who know that I have won the award and are looking for a referral and are wanting to send a client to me.  

I’ve probably got more business from this than from clients who reach out because I have won an REIQ Award.  Fellow agents understand the awards and respect the institution that is the REIQ.  

Q: What is the awards night like? 

A: The awards night is fantastic, and you get to see people from across the state with who you wouldn’t normally get to interact. 

You get to celebrate with everyone, no matter if you win or lose. The networking that I have experienced over the last few years has also led to more business – other agents have come up to me to refer clients of theirs to me who are moving to my area and that’s a major part of the night. 

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