Why principals should invest in mentoring

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The importance of mentoring is undeniable when it comes to professional development.

Through their vast knowledge, skills and experience, mentors impart advice, provide support and facilitate workplace learning to new and eager professionals.

It is no stretch to suggest that mentoring is vital when it comes to climbing the ladder in the real estate industry.

Principals know the tricks of the trade and the key ingredients to success, and mentoring provides rookies with the opportunity to tap into this well of information.

However, when it comes to taking on the role of mentor, the benefits may not be as clear.

Since entering the industry five years ago, Nambour licensee and sales consultant of Amber Werchon Property, Tristan Brown, has experienced mentoring as both a mentee and mentor.

“When I started, just under five years ago, I had probably three or four prominent agents in our office consistently taking me under their wing and offering advice,” says Brown.

His decision to provide mentoring to other professionals comes partially from his history of helping others achieve success.

“I started out managing tennis centres and assisting students getting college scholarships to America,” he says

“I’ve loved seeing people achieve and championing their success.”

Brown says being a mentor also provides him with the opportunity to return to other agents, the mentorship benefits he received as a young professional.

“I’ve benefited personally from great leadership and training and without those opportunities I recognise that I wouldn’t be the agent I am today,” Tristan says.

“It’s a great way to remain grounded and remember the humble beginnings that I started from.

“There is no better feeling than being able to play a small role in helping others change their lives.”

Giving back is just one of a few benefits mentors ought to expect. For Mr Brown, mentoring has also enabled him to identify new recruits.

“Both my PA/Sales Agent and Junior Sales Agent have come from mentoring,” he says.

“They have paid me back tenfold as they’ve contributed greatly to building a wonderful team culture.”

Brown’s approach to mentoring involves focusing on enthusiasm and being honest about the work involved in building a successful career.

“I work on enthusiasm and selling the ‘dream’”, he says.

“I am very honest though with the work and hours required and consistently promote the ‘long term vision’.”

However, Brown says mentors should adopt an individualised approach rather than ‘one-size-fits-all’, as each mentee is different.

While finding time to mentor can be challenging when running a busy agency, he says doing so falls hand-in-hand with improving the industry and recommends experienced professionals take on the challenge.

“I highly recommend it, it keeps you grounded, it keeps you in touch and it’s just a wonderful feeling to be able to give back.

“It’s not always about the money or the number of sales or the recognition of awards, it’s about having that sensation of having somebody say ‘hey, look, thank you, that means a great deal.’”



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14 Jan 2022
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