‘Nicho’ Changes Gears

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I’m jotting these words with mixed emotions today having just learned of the impending semi-retirement of one of my modern-day mentors and REIQ Life Member, the ever passionate Wayne Nicholson.

‘Nicho’ as he’s affectionately become known far and wide across the Australian real estate landscape, has opted to wind the speedo back to enjoy a few less days in the office, a few more long lunches with Margaret, his wife of 41 years, a few more afternoons cheering his beloved Cowboys, while exploring how he can share the immense wisdom he’s gained from his 40+ years serving in our industry.

Wayne shared with Antonia and I today that when the sun sets on his 30+ years ownership of Nicholson First National in Townsville in late January, he will still occasionally drop by the office, and will also be polishing up his trusty gavel to continue on as an auctioneer of note in the North.

Wayne’s never been one to take a back seat. His unconditional and selfless commitment and enthusiasm for the industry include stints in leadership as Chairman – First National Queensland, Chairman – First National Australia, REIQ Townsville Zone President and Chair 1994 – 1996 and again 2018 – 2019.

Those who know Nicho’ know that he is a ‘No BS’ kind of guy. He tells it like it is, and isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty. Nicho has always been on hand in the North to roll up his sleeves to help the REIQ, and in times of despair, for the betterment of the greater Townsville community.

Wayne’s contribution and passion for the REIQ and the wider industry culminated in his very worthy induction as a Life Member of The REIQ in 2015.

Nicho has asked me to extend his deepest appreciation and thanks to all of the industry colleagues he’s shared a refreshment with along his impressive journey. He would like to pay particular acknowledgement to Ray Milton, Rob Honeycombe, Antonia Mercorella, Felicity Moore, his fellow Life Members at the REIQ, his long-time friend, Nannette Lilly and the entire team at the First National head office.

But Nicho, it’s we who must extend our deep thanks to you for standing sentry at the northern gates fo so long. You’ve passionately represented your colleagues, you’ve always had the good of the industry front and centre, and you enter the next chapter with so much still to offer.

I have a strong feeling that its not really arrivederci from ‘Nicho’, but to coin one of his football metaphors, it’s really just half-time in the main game.

Safe travels, and good luck my friend.

-Peter Brewer , Chairman of the REIQ Board