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Lockdowns and restrictions don’t need to put a halt on real estate sales and leasing. For less than $300, virtual open homes can continue to qualify buyers and elicit offers.  

Let’s call a spade a spade. Some real estate agents have been selling the same way for the last 20+ years. Even the ‘fresher’ agents often stick to the same old ‘list, open home, weed out the time wasters, chase for an offer’ method. 

The thing is though, the sales and listing funnel has come a long way since the early 2000s – and has been significantly shaken up in the last 12 months. Those that adapt will thrive, and those who don’t may unfortunately be left behind. 

With the events of 2020 (we need not go into detail, right?), vendor, buyer, landlord and tenant behaviour has changed significantly, and these old methods are now even further from what makes a top agent. 

The ‘old’ methods and ‘the way we’ve always done things’ no longer lead to the best outcomes. Both in terms of selling houses AND winning listings. You need a critical point of difference that sets you apart in the fight for listings. One that means you can offer vendors less disruption with five times the number of open home attendees viewing properties – while at the same time streamlining your sales funnel to weed out redundant offers from the buyers you should  be focusing your time on.   

So, what’s the ace up your sleeve that can streamline your sales, help you win more listings and take back your time? 24/7 Virtual Open Homes. 

Here’s how you can utilise and position open homes to your listing and sales advantage.  


How did your open homes go on the weekend? Finding that a fair amount of your “prospective buyers” just aren’t worth the follow-up? 

It’s time to change that. Saturdays are for getting closer to better qualified buyers, and the more you’ve warmed up during the week through virtual opens, the better. 

On average, potential buyers spend on three minutes and 40 seconds in a virtual open home, with serious buyers coming back again and again, to virtually walk the hallways, measure up the walls for furniture and discuss further with family. These virtual inspections all getting them primed and ready to either make an offer sight unseen or, prepared to talk numbers post Saturday’s in-person inspection.  



People are also moving around the country more than ever, but with far more restricted travel.  

REA recently stated: “Victorian and New South Wales buyer interest in Queensland has risen 18 per cent in the past six months.”¹

Virtual Open Homes mean you can tell your vendors they’re not limited to buyers from surrounding suburbs. For you, it means widening your pool of qualified buyers to get competitive offers, resulting in the best sales price for that property – and the best commission for you.  


On a Monday, you should be telling your vendor not only about your in-person inspections, but your virtual open home results as well. On average, our agents welcome 50+ groups through virtual open homes every week. These virtual open homes drive more buyer competition, less running around for unscheduled inspections and better offers for your clients. 


Once you start explaining 24/7 virtual open homes to vendors, you should start winning more listings because it’s just commonsense. You can be showing the property at any time of day or night to potential buyers, interstate buyers, buyers who do shift work or get stuck at kids’ sport on a Saturday. Or the many who just lead busy lives and who want to make sure a property is right for them before showing up to an open home. 

With your sales funnel now streamlined, the wasted time you’ve previously spent showing unqualified buyers through properties is gone, and you’ll find you have even more time to spend securing listings than before.  

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This article has been provided by Virtual Tours Australia. Virtual Tours Australia ( is a division of Little Hinges, Australia’s most exciting virtual tour company. As Matterport’s largest customer in the southern hemisphere, Little Hinges delivers Australia’s best value and highest quality virtual tours and floorplans. All you have to do is hit ‘book now’. 

1: Source:, August 2020. 

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