The importance of authenticity in an agency’s business plan

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The definition of authentic is ‘not false or copied, genuine, real’ or ‘representing one’s true nature or beliefs, true to oneself or to the person identified’.  To understand the importance of authenticity in business, you need to consider what this actually means to you. 

As real estate agents, we are often considered to be untrustworthy, lacking integrity or empathy and so often misjudged before we meet – in fact, we usually rate very low on the Net Promoter Score ladder.

With the new digital interview, we are now even more exposed as a prospective client has access to online reviews, our social media and evidence of our past and present sales performance. At this point, they may know what you can do but they don’t know who you are until you make personal contact, and then people will often make a judgement within the first minute of conversation.

The challenge we have as professionals is to rise above the stereotypes and outshine our clients’ past negative experiences.  It is imperative that as real estate agents we are able to demonstrate to them our integrity, our worth and most importantly, how we are able to help solve their problems.

We are essentially salespeople but we must be so much more than that. Why do we deserve their business, what is our worth and why should they entrust us with their most valuable asset? Ask yourself, what is it that makes you different from the rest of the pack? Aren’t all real estate agents the same? Hopefully not…

I have always been a people person and find it easy to communicate with almost anyone on any level.

As an only child, this is a quality I believe I was born with, so working in an industry that requires excellent communication skills has come quite naturally to me.  I’m also very much ‘what you see is what you get’ so telling anything but the truth is impossible for me; my feelings are written all over my face.

I am a person who loves information and I adopt the principle that you can never have enough of it!  For this reason, I do whatever it takes to ensure my clients have all the information they need and that they understand all the processes every step of the way.

What inspires me most and makes me wake up every morning feeling excited about my day is my genuine love of what I do and my absolute enjoyment in making a difference to people’s lives.

I understand that the processes I follow, guidance and information I provide them can vastly impact their financial situation and future choices.  I genuinely care about people and understand that everyone’s time is valuable and this is why I will go out of my way to be available to my clients at a time that works best for them, which often involves working late nights and Sundays.

What I take very seriously is providing clients with accurate information that’s backed up by evidence, knowledge and experience.

I don’t promise them how much they will sell their property for or anything I cannot deliver, but what I can promise them is that I will do exactly what I say I will do. This is what I believe being authentic is all about. Sometimes I can be a little too emotionally attached to my clients and their personal situation but I believe a little bit of empathy and compassion in this business can also go a very long way.

I strongly believe that if an agent isn’t genuine or true to what they believe in they will struggle to maintain any sort of credibility in the public eye.  You absolutely need to walk your talk.

I also believe the key to success in any business is to deliver on your promises.  This is the very least our clients expect and the one thing many businesses fail to achieve. This can happen by losing touch with their core values or by failing to recognise when they have reached capacity and neglect to implement the necessary changes as their business grows.

If you identify your core values and stay true to them, I honestly believe there will be no stopping you!