The importance of adaptable leadership

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In business, nothing stays the same for long. Companies adapt or they fail, and it’s up to the leaders within those companies to drive that evolution.

A team is only as good as its leader, and even a team of stellar members is going to flounder if their leader isn’t giving them clear goals and direction.

Peter Camphin, Director of Strategic Partnerships between Ray White and Loan Market, says every business will be a reflection of its leaders.

“Leadership determines the direction, it determines the culture, it determines everything that happens inside the business,” he says.

“It’s the foundation piece; it’s critical, and without it, nothing will happen – or at least nothing good will happen.”

The difficulty is not just in being a good leader today, but in being open to change and evolution so that today’s good leader doesn’t become tomorrow’s mediocre one.

“You have to be open to new methods of doing things, you’ve got to be fresh in your ideas – it’s easy to get really stale.” says Camphin.

“The way we do business today is a lot different from what it was five or ten years ago, and so if you’re not up with the latest practices, not keeping in touch with technology, you certainly get left behind.”

The old adage may say that if it isn’t broken, it doesn’t need fixing, but Camphin says such a way of thinking is a “death knell”.

“If it isn’t broken, you’ve still got to find a better way to improve, because it will be broken soon,” he says.

“One of the hardest things is to remain fresh with a positive attitude, because if you’re dragging your feet and moping about, that’s going to be a reflection of how the whole business is going to be.

“Leaders have got to be energised, but they also have to be the energisers.”

Camphin says great leadership is about achieving this level of adaptability, while also remaining steadfast on ambitions and goals.

“One of the key indicators of a great leader is they know exactly what it is they want to achieve from their business or from their team – they’re very clear on what their ambitions are,” he says.

“The second thing is they have to be able to communicate that to their team, and the third thing is that everything they do supports those two things.

“People want to follow someone who knows where they’re going, and who says ‘you’re either with me or you’re not’ and that, to me, is great leadership.”

Leaders must train and develop their team members every step of the way, but they themselves must also forever aspire to improve, which is why Camphin runs a leadership development program for real estate professionals.

The program takes place over six sessions throughout the year, which can be attended as once-offs or as a full program package – which provides a discount. The program is available to both members and non-members, and tickets can be purchased here.