Supercharge Your Digital Marketing Content

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Unless you already have an in-house marketing specialist, it’s tricky to nail your digital presence and content. Luckily for REIQ Members, we’ve got the inside scoop from Mastered Marketing Director Mitch Hills. Hills helps real estate businesses explode their brand, convert more clients and stay two steps ahead of the competition.

In a recent REIQ webinar, Hills outlined three steps real estate professionals can take to supercharge their content and make it relevant to their audience – no in-house marketing guru required!

PLAN – How do you create marketing content that’s relevant to your target audience?

If you want to create content that your audience resonates with, you need to think like your customers. What questions do your clients commonly ask? Leverage that information to create content that your audience wants (and needs). Remember, they’re looking for a real estate professional that really knows their stuff. Rather than saying “hey, I’m really good, call me now”, show them how you’re really good, and why they should call you.

CREATE – How do you create content that cuts through the noise?

It doesn’t take a production studio, award winning journalists, a graphic designer or a marketing guru to create engaging content. All you need is a smartphone, a lapel microphone and some decent lighting to create video content that hits the mark with your target audience. As for imagery and blogs, get creative and halve your labour by recycling content and creating templates on free image editing apps like Canva.

SHARE – How will you get your message out there?

Now that you’ve got all of this epic content, how are you going to share it? Naturally, most real estate professionals will opt for the three main social channels: Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.  But there are always other mediums like Twitter or YouTube, depending on your target audience. Manually posting content at the right time is consuming, so Hills suggests using a social media scheduler. Fortunately, there are plenty of decent programs you can sign up to for little to no cost.

And always remember, quality trumps quantity. In fact, flooding your followers’ news feeds can very quickly have adverse effects. You don’t need to post six times a day to reach your audience and generate leads!

Want to learn more? REIQ Members can watch the recording by logging into the member’s portal here. Not an REIQ Member? Join us today!