Property managers queueing up to try One Touch Execution

Journal,  Property Managers

One Touch Execution (OTE) is the latest feature to be rolled out on the Realworks platform, offering property managers better streamlining, simplicity, and security.

With over one hundred tenancy agreements (Form 18a) already executed and live with a select group of early adopters, OTE is revolutionising the way property managers issue, receive, amend, sign, and record their tenancy documentation, while remaining totally compliant.

The new feature aims to simplify the process of delivering tenants their Form 18a.

“It’s amazing, it’s straightforward, it’s simple, it’s what consumers want to use in this day and age,” says Connie McKee, REIQ Property Management Support Service Team Member.

“There are prompts to remind the tenant that it needs to be signed, and there is a really accurate record of all the steps that have been taken to have that document executed.

“It’s just so simple; it’s what we [property managers] need.”

Contracts and documentation have always led to significant overhead and risk within property management and OTE aims to address that.

“The One Touch Execution is a secure environment; it’s very well automated once you put in the data correctly,” says McKee.

“There are fewer hands involved in the process, less filing, you’ll know how to retrieve it, and you can rely on it in the event you go further for QCAT.”

”It’s seamless” – Gary Olsen, Richardson & Wrench Clayfield

Realworks’ ambition has always been to make life easier for real estate professionals, and OTE represents the next logical step in achieving that goal.

“[My favourite part] is the ease of being able to send a lease to the tenant, and the ease for them to respond and sign the lease – it takes two or three steps out of the process,” says Gary Olsen, an early adopter of OTE from Richardson & Wrench Clayfield.

“This time of year particularly, when it’s really busy, it’s just been an ease to do leases – it’s seamless.”

OTE is being rolled out in waves to allow for improvements to be made during the release process.

To be placed on the waiting list to be a part of the next group of early adopters, sign up here.