How To Promote Yourself Without Being Salesy

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Social media and digital marketing are the best tools we’ve ever had in the history of small business.

Naturally, people want to use this to reach a new audience and tell them why they should become a customer. The problem is, this often falls on deaf ears because the messaging is wrong. In this article, I’m going to quickly share some insights into how to promote yourself the right way.

An expert doesn’t say they’re an expert.

They show it. Just like a fun person doesn’t say ‘hey, I’m really fun’. When you’re saying ‘hey I’m really good call me now’ it’s doing nothing for your brand, you’re just asking for money. You haven’t established any credibility at all. You need to show you’re an expert. The best way to do this is with market insights, case studies, advice and what strategies you’re using with customers. Let the results talk.

This works because only an expert would know how to do that. You don’t need to convince people you’re an expert because you’re showing it. This naturally makes people ‘they seem to know what they are doing’ but it actually adds value at the same time. That’s the key!


This sounds backwards, but when you’re showing expertise but not selling anything, it creates a totally different perception of your business. It makes people want to come to you because you seem to know what you’re talking about and you’re not needy. When you’re constantly sharing insights and showing you’re an expert (above) it creates a sense of FOMO and they want to get involved.

Don’t discount yourself.

Discounts work in some businesses, but I don’t recommend it for ‘premium’ brands, most service based businesses or high-ticket sales. It damages your brand. If you’re trying to position yourself as an expert and the best at what you do…. would the ‘best’ discount themselves? No.

Apple never says ‘50% discounts on iPhones! Sale on now, come quick!’. They just have an awesome product. If you want it, you can buy it. If not, it makes no difference to them. They believe in what they do and if you don’t buy it, someone else will.

You can literally ask customers this. “I know you want the best results and service. Would you really want to work with someone who discounts themselves and doesn’t stand behind what they do?”

Think like a customer.

The biggest problem people make is they think like a business, not a customer. Don’t think about what your business wants to say — think about what a customer would want to see. It’s such a simple shift, but if you start seeing your marketing through the eyes of a customer, you’ll be able to give them content and information they actually want. As a marketing agency we don’t just share ‘we do marketing, contact us for a quote’. Would you want to read that, let alone take action on it? No.

Answer questions.

You don’t want to see ads, you want answers to your questions. E.g as a marketing agency some of the most questions we get are what content should I post, how much should I spend on ads, how do I get more engaging etc. Literally all of our social media strategy answering questions and sponsoring it with ads. If you treat your marketing as one big FAQ you will add value, showcase your expertise, and actually be a business that’s helping them, while everyone else is just asking for their money.

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This article has been republished with permission by Mitch Hills, Director of Mastered Marketing.

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