Let’s Make Our Voices Louder

You’re already familiar with our Everyone Matters in Real Estate campaign, which has received a phenomenal amount of support since its launch on April 14. Those who have already submitted an email to the Premier have reached out to The REIQ and asked what more they can be doing to have their voice heard by the State Government. Because of this, we are recommending to go one step further and to contact your local MP, to make sure the State Government hears our voice.

To make things easier for you, click on the following links to access QLD Local MPs in alphabetical order by name (click here) and in alphabetical order by electorate (click here) with their best contact email address. Please note some Local MPs have multiple email addresses for you to reach out and send your letters through to.

Now is the time to speak up before Parliament sits on Wednesday, 22 April 2020 to introduce amendments.