How to Get Listings Under Restrictions

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Despite restrictions around in-person contact, now isn’t the time to be hiding behind emails, says RE/MAX Success owner and REIQ Toowoomba zone chair Katie Knight. Instead, people are pining for interpersonal connections more than ever to feel like they aren’t isolated from society. “It’s about going back to old school real estate: being back on the phone, speaking to clients and being as well versed on what’s happening in the market as possible,” says Knight. “There’s so much written communication at the moment that being on the phone offers a different level of communication.”

While the volume of sales has dropped over the past few weeks was to be expected, right now the role of real estate agents is to alleviate the fear around property trading as much as possible. “We need to show our value, and our value really is in making our buyers aware that they can still buy,” continues Knight. “The breakthrough is picking up the phone and connecting to those people who are on your database and letting them know there are still opportunities in the market.”

It’s essential to focus on that element of human connection, and not reduce every phone call to a business transaction. “People are very receptive to it because you aren’t saying ‘hey, can I do business with you?’, you’re saying ‘hey, just checking in, how’s everything going?’ and then giving people the space to talk,” adds Knight.

One of Knight’s sales teams has transitioned away from emails entirely, instead opting to send out updates via text message. “That’s what they’re using as a cut-through point-of-difference, recognising that there’s so much going through people’s emails at the moment,” explains Knight. Her branch also routinely publishes content or relay’s The REIQ’s webinars and COVID-related updates so that buyers and sellers in the area recognise them as an authority. “We do a lot of area-specific stuff around things like bushfires or making your home storm-ready, and also target various audiences such as tenants, landlords and sellers.”

Another member of Knight’s team is focussing on the physical approach with tailored letterbox drops that pertain to specific areas. “Every week she sends something out, it could be a just-listed, just-sold, a market review report or a suburb report,” she tells. “She recently did a colouring-in competition, so she has a few community drops in there as well.”

During unprecedented conditions there’s no perfect way to approach business, but right now the community is feeling more disconnected than ever before and so anything that brings people together and reconnects one another is likely to be well received. So, put down the keyboard, pick up the phone and, like Katie Knight, go back to ‘old school’ real estate with phone calls and conversations.