How agents are changing the way they prospect to stand out in an evolving property market

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Things move rapidly in real estate, and it’s essential to keep up. When the market is hot, winning new listings can feel easy, but when the tide starts to turn, the tap of new listings still needs to flow. 

How can real estate professionals ensure they are keeping on top of their client needs while continuing to nurture their prospects, as well as handling all their administration tasks? Additionally, how can they ensure they’re presenting their best selves and showing why they should be the agent of choice?

The answer? Connect. has partnered with Realtair and CampaignAgent to provide effective tools that assist sales agents, business development managers and property managers in winning more business with less effort. These tools help to attract, nurture and convert seller and landlord leads — streamlining workflow and minimising the need for multiple tech solutions. 

Save time, save money

It’s not uncommon to spend hours filing paperwork and working tirelessly through paper-based strategies. This traditional way of working is inefficient and outdated, taking valuable time away from an agent’s day that could be spent doing what they do best — building great relationships and transacting property.  

Whether you’re selling or leasing homes, Connect provides agents and property managers with a suite of digital tools to simplify and streamline their workflow. 

Benefits of Connect start with an elevated Agent Profile on which allows them to stand out where it matters most, putting their personal brand in front of over 1.8 million prospective vendors and over 1.7 million prospective landlords [1] 

They will also have access to a Comparable Market Analysis tool (CMA), backed by’s market-leading data. Not only can they access to millions of sold, leased and on-market listings with’s CMA, they can also tap into the most comprehensive supply and demand data from to get an up-to-date view of what is happening in a specific area, allowing them to be the suburb expert to potential clients.

Win and list more business

With Pitch and Sign by Realtair, agents can build digital, on-brand prospecting presentations, and create sales and management contracts in minutes. 

They can also seamlessly pull in comparable properties and market insights from’s CMA tool to help determine the value of their vendor or landlords’ property. 

The best part? Every time a client opens a Pitch document, the agent will be notified, allowing them to contact that client at the right time, leading to better conversion to appraisal. 

Finally, Pay Now by CampaignAgent rounds out the solutions, allowing agents to take vendor payments instantly and securely with a branded payment gateway. 

Connect was designed to be fully integrated across, Realtair and CampaignAgent. Each solution speaks to the other, saving you time and making your business workflow easier. 

Get started with Connect today

Connect provides property professions with the tools they need to win more listings with less effort. Try Connect today, and get the first three months free when you sign up to a 12-month contract [2]. 

If you’d like to find out more, please speak with your representative, or visit and book a demo with a Connect Specialist.


[1] REA Internal data (2018 to 2020)

[2] This offer is available to Residential customers from 1 September 2021. Only applicable to new Connect customers signing up to a 12-month contract. This Offer is limited and may be withdrawn at any time.