Herbst has a hankering for horsepower!

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Rebecca Herbst may not look like your stereotypical rev-head, but get her talking about a Mustang or two-door sports cars and you’ll soon see her car obsession rear its head.

The Bees Nees Sales Manager lives and breathes the world of automobiles, swapping real estate for raceways whenever she gets a spare moment in her busy schedule.

Whether it’s cruising on a weekend day trip or ‘flooring it’ at Queensland Raceway, Herbst is addicted to the adrenaline rush cars provide her.

Her obsession began at the ripe age of 15, when she replaced a horse craze with a fascination for all things cars.

“My walls were lined with pictures of a variety of sports and supercars,” says Herbst.

It’s a passion that now runs in the family, with her husband enjoying classic cars, and her son taking a shining to anything with a high performance.

Not loyal to any particular make or model, Herbst has owned a collection of impressive cars in her time – like a 1965 Mustang fastback, a 2017 Mustang and a turbo Lexus, just to name a few.

Her hobby – albeit a little more expensive than most – has provided Herbst with the opportunity to mingle with like-minded car enthusiasts.

“I’m a member of two Mustang clubs and still a member of the 86BRZ club even though I haven’t had my 86 for years,” says Herbst.

“The four-and-a-half years I had the ’86, I was heavily involved in the Skid Pan and Drift School days as well as numerous car cruises and events, and I still chat with all the gang.”

Her love for cars has not only become a source of stress relief, but a way for the car enthusiast to set goals inside and outside the office.

“I think everyone needs a passion or something they love to keep balanced and happy, and my cars sure do put a smile on my face!” says Herbst.

“Plus it is a perfect motivator and easy to set stepping goals for yourself to achieve during the year.

“We still have the 1965 Mustang fastback that I bought my husband a couple of years ago.

“It was one of my yearly work goals I set, to sell enough property to buy it for him – for putting up with me never being home and him having to pick up all the slack at home and with the kids!”

And while she may not know much about engines and is happy for her husband to clean her car, Herbst loves nothing more than jumping in the driver’s seat and hitting the skid pan or race track.

Some of her biggest car highlights have come from experiences where she was initially terrified – like a full day drive from Sydney to Wollongong, where she drove six different supercars!

“That experience started out being nerve-racking driving an Aston Martin through Sydney, but very quickly became an experience I will never forget,” says Herbst.

“Being in control of all that horsepower as well as enjoying the scenic route is something I would encourage any car crazy person to add to their work goals to achieve and reward themselves with.