Going viral: how agents can master the art of video

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With an online presence as loud as his persona, Plum Property Founder, Daniel Lee, knows what it takes to create viral social media content. Using humour, honesty and a few brutal stunts along the way, Lee has created a cult following of viewers on his marketing videos – even featuring on Channel 7 News (Brisbane), and Channel Nine’s Today Show.

However, do his viral videos actually translate to higher sales? And do all of his buyers and sellers appreciate his quirky sense of humour?

When Daniel Lee first began creating videos for his property listings, his content didn’t receive much traction.

The game soon changed though, when Facebook allowed businesses to advertise back in 2013.

“I could reach a wider audience, and then I started getting more creative,” says Lee.

“The inspiration came only from the fact that I didn’t want to be boring.”

However, creative almost seems like an understatement when it comes to Lee – with his videos including anything from him being tackled into a pool, to crashing into a set of wheelie bins on a scooter.

“A fair bit of thinking goes behind it, and then directing,” says Lee.

“It’s a fine mix of showing the property and making an interesting story to go with the video.”

Putting his body on the line has seemingly paid off – with his videos attracting anywhere between 200 to 1500 likes per post.

Do his videos actually work?

While it’s difficult to measure whether or not a few viral videos can translate to higher sales volumes, Lee says there is one thing that indicates his videos are getting traction with potential buyers.

“I like to focus on higher inspection numbers,” says Lee.

“The goal of the videos is to get more eyeballs looking at the advertising, which leads to more inspections.

“More inspections lead to more offers, and more offers lead to a higher sale price for my vendor.”

And he does get more inspections – citing 25-30 per cent more inspections when using video to promote a listing.

Despite the success he has gained from video content and social media, Lee says it would be remiss of him to solely rely on these platforms.

“I’m a big believer that you shouldn’t just focus on one type of marketing,” says Lee.

“I do push social media more than other mediums, but I still do print, local sponsoring, charity events, billboards – all sorts of stuff.”

Integrating a mix of humour and honesty

Lee adopts a ‘warts and all’ approach to his videos – never being afraid to highlight some of the less desirable features of a home.

A recent video saw Lee shaking an unsecured railing on a deck, jesting with viewers that it would need replacing.

Despite pointing out some fairly significant flaws, Lee says both his sellers and buyers appreciate his honesty.

“It works really well,” says Lee.

“There’s nothing wrong with pointing out the flaws of a property, as long as you point out all the positives as well.

“It makes you look worse if there’s clearly things wrong with a place and you’re trying to avoid talking about them with the buyers, they’re not stupid.”

So, what happens if he runs out of ideas?

According to Lee, the day he runs out of ideas will never come.

“If I need some inspiration, I will take a few weeks off from doing videos and do a lot of running,” says Lee.

“That’s when a lot of the ideas come to me.”