Against the Odds: A New Real Estate Agency Opens Despite Restrictions

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Cutting against the grain of business closures around the country, Stone Real Estate have opened a new Queensland office on the Gold Coast. Its principal, Brendan Andrews, believes that difficult economic times are no reason to avoid taking positive business steps – in fact, they encourage it. “If there’s any advice I would give other agents and business owners, it’s how imperative being at the forefront of this industry is – whether we’re in the midst of COVID-19 or not,” he says. “Right now, when the market is a lot tougher, why wouldn’t you want the best tools, resources and business support?”

It’s certainly a bold move considering recently reported a 31% drop in new home listings. The saving grace is that Andrews isn’t new to the industry, nor the area. Having worked the Gold Coast for close to two decades, he’s amassed an impressive clientele, sporting such names as Melbourne Storm CEO Dave Donaghy, former Gold Coast Titans player Ashley Harrison and pro surfer Beau Emerton.

So why Stone? Andrews admits that it was their cutting edge approach and use of technology that first piqued his interest, but it was their culture and management structure that sold him. “Stone’s management team moves quickly, they’re agile and want to be equipped with the latest in everything from marketing techniques to technology to training,” he explains. “It’s the polar opposite of what I’ve seen entrenched throughout the industry and I can easily say Stone are the most progressive implementers of technology and ideas of any network or franchise I’ve come across.”

This assessment certainly fits the brand, which lauds itself as “a progressive real estate group that brings together the industry’s finest minds.” Stone’s aim is to do away with the models and structures of old and revolutionise the real estate sector by changing the way they approach and do business – all through agencies that offer a more boutique feel.

Scott Kelly, head of Stone Real Estate Queensland, welcomed Andrews to the network, saying his involvement is an important and business-savvy addition. “Brendan and his team’s market presence across the in-demand suburbs of Palm Beach, Currumbin, Burleigh Heads and Elanora is highly strategic for us,” he tells. “This enhances the strong historical connection of these areas to our formidable Sydney and future Brisbane clientele.”

With auctions and open-homes once again permitted, we may begin to see the number of new listings and sales rise – a prospect that Andrews and other real estate professionals around the state will be hoping for. If that doesn’t come to fruition any time soon, however, it’ll be interesting to see how Andrews and his new agency get a handle on the local market and set themselves up for the seemingly inevitable post-COVID resurgence.