A real estate obsession 11 years in the making

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In 1999, Pascal Pierre and his wife bought their first home – beginning a decades-long obsession with real estate.

“I called the agent, I found the property, we put the offer in, we bought it – and the agent got five grand commission,” says Pierre, who is now the Principal at LJ Hooker Helensvale.

“That started it all off, and it actually took me 11 years before I jumped in and had a go.”

Despite being first enticed by what seemed like easy commission, Pierre says that today it’s certainly not the driving force behind his passion.

“When you speak to good real estate agents, very rarely are you going to hear somebody say ‘I love the commission’,” he says.

“The commission is a by-product of what we do.

“The buzz comes from having a seller say ‘look, I need to sell this property and get as much for it as I can’, and then exceeding their expectations.”

Pierre says that even after a decade in the industry, he still finds it impossible not to become personally invested with a vendor’s story.

“I get a genuine buzz from helping people move from A to B in their real estate journey, and whether you like it or not you can’t help but buy into their circumstances,” he says.

“Handing over the keys on settlement date, there’s a great feeling that comes from genuinely helping people.”

In addition to the good vibes he gets from helping people buy and sell, Pierre loves the real estate sector for two reasons – the fact that no two days are the same, and that it’s a profession built on merit.

“Every day is different,” he says.

“Your day can start off with nothing going on and literally change by a phone call, and before you know it you’re doing deals left, right, and centre.

“Within five years in the industry I bought my first property, and we now have three currently open.

“I don’t know any industry in the world where somebody with little-to-no sales experience can be rewarded in such a way.”

It was 11 years after his interest in real estate was first sparked when Pierre finally dived in to the world of property sales, but when he did, he decided to train with real estate’s peak body, the REIQ.

“I chose the REIQ because it’s a recognised body – it’s independent of any brand within the real estate industry,” he says.

“So I thought if I want a job with an REIQ accredited agency, then it makes sense to be training by the REIQ.

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