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Technology, Marketing and Digital Media

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5 Steps to Mastering Organic SEO for your Real Estate Website in 2018

Brisbane - 15 February | 9am -11am
Gold Coast - 21 February | 9am - 11am

As consumer behaviour continues to change, so do the secrets to getting found via Google. Embracing an entirely new Mobile search algorithm, a reported preference for sites with Artificial Intelligence/Bots, and an understanding of Googles new MicroMoments, has never been more important. The game continues to change and so do the rules. It's time to un-learn the old rules!

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Digital Media Masterclass: implementing a digital/social media policy

Brisbane - 27 March | 9am - 11am
Gold Coast - 23 March | 9am - 11am

Who controls the passwords to all yours social channels? What is deemed as acceptable behaviour in social media channels by your staff? Have all staff signed off on your Digital/Social Media Policy? Do you even have a Digital/Social Media Policy?
Join us as we explore some good, bad and some downright ugly case studies of social media gone horribly wrong, and work with you to tgive you the tools to create a social/digital policy for your office.

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Facebook and Instagram MASTERCLASS: including bonus session 'Dealing with negative facebook and google reviews'

Brisbane - 20 June | 9am - 11.30am
Gold Coast - 22 June | 9am - 11.30am

Mastered Facebook and Instagram yet? Is your Facebook content getting an embarrassing number of likes, comments and shares? Do your Facebook ads drive amazing traffic and get great engagement? Do you know the difference between a 'Boost Post' and a Facebook ad?
Presenters Peter Brewer and Tara Christianson will walk you through this tailor made Masterclass that examines case studies of super successful agents and agencies from across the globe.
*Bonus session. How to deal with negative reviews on Facebook and Google.
Step 1. Ignore them at your peril!

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Online Library Resources 

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