Business Development Day for Property Managers 

Brisbane - 17 November

At the  BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT DAY FOR PROPERTY MANAGERS you’ll learn from some of the best in the business about:
• The latest technology tools to grow the business and rent properties fast
• Overcoming objections to win the business without reducing fees
• Client and customer engagement - are you getting the most from your database and the team?
• Direct marketing and CMA’s
• Building a rent roll from scratch
• Working with the sales team to build the rentroll
• How to keep the team motivated
• Introducing a BDM role in the business and how the property management team and BDM work together to maximise potential

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A-Z for Property Management Maintenance 

Brisbane - 14 November

This course takes attendees through the key property maintenance issues they will be facing during the year. Incorporating sessions on how to get an owner to commit to maintenance, educating your tenants on maintenance, troubleshooting, routine inspections; preventative maintenance systems and natural disaster management, this session is a must for all hands on property managers and rent roll owners this year. 

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Management Rights Induction Training 

Brisbane - 28 November

This induction equips participants with a greater understanding of all the major elements of running a successful management rights business. The course covers legislation for resident letting agents, the dual role of a letting agent and caretaker/facilities manager, the role of the committee and body corporate management, how to avoid disputes with the body corporate, and how to get the most out of your industry associations. Course includes ARAMA membership for 12 months.

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Body Corporate Issues in Property Management

Gold Coast - 24 November, Brisbane - 5 December 

In response to demand, this course has been developed to assist property managers navigate their way through the sometimes complex world of managing strata titled properties.  This session will cover common questions about who is responsible for maintenance and repairs, what constitutes common property, insurances and communication with the body corporate.

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Difficult D's

Townsville - 1 December 

Sing along with us… “It’s easy as ABC”. But once you get to D, things get a little more complex. We’ll take you through dealing with all the difficult Ds in property management:
• Death or Divorce of a landlord – how to deal with your PO Form 6
• Death of a tenant (RTRA Act) • Debt above the bond • Database listings and complying with the new amendments
• Dogs (and other pets)
• Drains and gutters
• Domestic violence
• Disputes
• Damage versus fair wear and tear
• Door keys and security
• Drugs
• Declining a rental application
• Difficult clients and customers
• Dangerous situations – how to remove yourself

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Job Ready Property Management 

Brisbane - 23 & 24 November 


A highly practical course focussing on operational requirements of a property manager’s role,
with specific focus on listings, property inspections, systems for tracking arrears, issuing notices,
time management and technology. Designed for newcomers to the profession after completion
of the Registration Course and those that need a kick-start, this course will ensure attendees are
genuinely ‘job ready’ for their role as a property manager. 

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Property Management Online Library

Topics include:

• Top tips for completing the Property Occupation Form 6 Appointment of Agent with the Residential Property Management Schedule
• Managing community titled properties
• Minimising disputes at the end of a tenancy
• Managing breaches
• Changeover of managing agent
• Compliance matters in 2017 (Smoke alarm legislation, pool safety and other emerging issues)


Property Management Breakfasts 

Sunshine Coast - 22 November

Property Management Breakfasts are an opportunity for property managers to meet their peers, discuss issues and share ideas in open and interactive sessions. 
In the NOVEMBER breakfasts, we’ll discuss ways to minimise vacancies, including:
- Top tips for making the property and the lease more attractive to new and existing tenants
- Educating lessors about market conditions
- Communicating and negotiating with tenants for a win-win outcome

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